A newsletter about technology in Japan

Hello everyone, 

And welcome to the TÉKUNI newsletter! 

My name is Alessandro and I'm a freelance journalist.

I am mostly interested in technology and games, but I also occasionally venture beyond the geeky boundaries of nerd journalism.

After three years of writing about tech and countless more of reading about Japan and its culture, I found out there was no curated newsletter about tech in the Land of the Rising Sun.

I have visited Japan a couple of years ago, and while Kyoto will always be my favourite city in the world, Tokyo’s technological heart is something that left a mark on me, and pushed me to start working on this newsletter.

In every issue of TÉKUNI, I will select a personally curated list of tech articles divided into three categories:

  • The Good

  • The Bad

  • The Quirky

In other words, tech for good, tech for not-so-good (think state surveillance), and tech that is just nonsensical and wonderfully Japanese.

At the bottom of the newsletter you will also find an exclusive interview of a Japanese expert commenting on one of the issues mentioned in the other sections.

This will be a monthly newsletter, at least for now, but I'm hoping to step up my game if I see there is enough traction!

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